Wednesday, June 05, 2002

"Where The Wave Of The Moonlight Glasses"

It is grey and fogy. I am alone in a desert. Someone's humming calls me by a strange name, which is not mine; but the voice surly means me. I look around. There is no-one at all; but emptiness.
I suddenly wake. It is grey and fogy. I am still alone in the same desert. The whispering still calls me by that wrong name which seems to be mine. I look around. There is nobody at all. I jump down from my bed. The desert is cold. I turn off the lamp and begin hunting aimless. Like a distorted yawn, street has been falling before my feet, liking my sweated shadow. A horrifying train is passing by, but it is never gone. It moves, but in a never-ending movement. I wait.

Monday, June 03, 2002

Roskilde festival is going to take place soon. I was just visiting their web site and saw there will been played a "True Afghan music tradition" over there by Rahmani (AFG) . This is the irony of being bombed; Everyone would like to see what you are like then, as if Afghans have never had music before being bombed by who wanna get the globe without evil-doers! It's gonna be so fun, I guess, having combination of Manowar and Afghan music. But except Manowar I did not really find any interesting band in the list. So don't be sorry if you live in Afghanistan and cannot take part in Roskilde'02.
I was there, in the concert last night. I'm hang over!

Saturday, June 01, 2002

Is Language really giving us sort of ability to communicate? I can't live without Language, although any single word to me causes publicly misunderstanding. Here is the paradox in which I am to use Langouge both as a daily messenger and as the basic/essential tool of Think. Words to myself create a Face which is not the same for an outsider's eyes. Distance, that's the main question. It extremely does matter to....

Just forget it! I gotta go to Copenhagen today; Roger Waters will be Rokin' tomorrow on Forum stage