Friday, February 28, 2003

ميخ ِ مرگ

تلخی ی ِ قهوه ی ِ سرد
سخت ی زبانم را
به مرگ
باز می کند.
گرداب ِ خاطره دشوار بود
نوشوار هم بود
چون خنجری
خضاب بسته به شهد
در سينه ی ِ زهر.

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Thursday, February 27, 2003

What Bush said before the American Enterprise Institute in Washington is some ordinary speech that anyone who is going to war would say. I save this link here just to be accessible to hear people over and over again cheering and clapping as he said those words.


Extemporize Thoughts (1)

I do things to get them done, to get rid of them. "Do I live to get rid of life?" I think to myself, "does anyone get rid of death when one dies?". Can die be considered as an Act? Isn't it passive to die? But- and a very important "But"- what about suicide then? Is suicide on an active deed? Or it is just as passive as death.
People normally kill themselves to get rid of life. Logically speaking it is a contrary to my first statement that an Act is to be acted to close a certain chapter of action in the extent of possibilities. If die and rather suicide are passive, no matter if one dies of a desire or kills oneself, what is it for that man ought to Act? How could life be worth to live between two extreme passivenesses? Is it not just ridiculous? But as I think of it deeper I realize that if there should be existing any meaning in life whatsoever, it would be more colorful as it is begun and ended by two vanities, birth and death. And here lies the secret of the creation. We create life out of two extreme nothingnesses. Don't we? It could be war; it could be peace. It could be love or it could be hate. It could be building or destroying. All in all life is ust what we make. We are what we create.


Wednesday, February 26, 2003

"This is America, and the only foreigners here are those who forget that this is America."
When William Saroyan wrote these words years ago, it probably was a pride to have such opinion as an American. He could not imagine that almost the same word would some day be repeated, but with an absolute different definition. Today some American are trying to remind "this is America" again, fronted by G.W. Bush.