Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Extemporize Thoughts on Flow at ISTA

The text below has been written and published during the 13th session of ISTA (The International School of Theatre Anthropology) in La Rinconada, Spain.

Extemporize Thoughts on Flow
by Vahid

I can think of three types of flow: Flow, "flow" and flow. The first Flow with a capital F is that of the nature, like flow of a river or wind whose charm comes from its natural harmony. It gives a pleasant feeling when it is observed yet it does not have structure, meaning that it is unrepeatable and unpredictable in a haphazardly manner.
Second type of "flow"-which I put it between quotation marks-is related to the sensation of movement and rhythm, artificially generated by the works of art-example of which could be Marcle Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2 (1913) or the cinematic experience of the Russian film theoretician, Lev Kuleshove in which he filmed different parts of body of several different woman and cut them together in a way that they would appear as to present only one woman, walking down the stairs. Another example of this type of "flow" is the scene of Odessa Stairs in The Battleship Potemkin. In these examples not only the flow of a natural rhythm is apparent, but also we can notice in them a structured "flow" of artificial form which goes beyond the nature of the Flow of its details and components. In other words, we can distinguish two layers of flow in these examples, one is the Flow within and between the parts and their composition, the other is the "flow" made in the mind of the beholder which is the synthesis of juxtaposition of elements of the piece of the art work.
The third flow-which I write in italics-is of a different nature and quality; Although it maintains the characteristics of the other two types of flow, thus, that it has the natural and unpredictable nature of the first type (Flow), structure and artificiality of the second type ("flow") yet its functionality is neither natural nor artificial. It is more of an inner impulse that leaps from a natural harmony and lands beyond the artificiality. Furthermore it annihilates itself after its process. Example of this type of flow is that of a poet who suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night, forced by some incoherent natural impulse in his body and involuntarily moves towards his desk to write down the poem that has waked him up. In the best condition the poet is making his best poem in this very moment. In this case the poem conceals the flow and yet transmits a thirds types of flow to the reader, independent from what the poet meant inthe first place. it not only has the surprising natural harmony of a river and not only the artificiality of rhythmic flow of artifice, but also transmits the indescribable flow through which the poem has forced and commanded the poet to write it, to make it. Hence reader reads his own poet through the transmitted flow, rather than that of the poet.
Thus is the work of performer, that is that the spectator experiences his own personal experience through the transmission of that flow which is behind the performer's action.

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Monday, October 11, 2004

It's a great opportunity that BBC has provided, putting the American Presidential Election debates in fullon its website with some clips from the former debates. It is interesting to see how the debating have evolved through history.
To me it was interesting to see how the cutting, camera movements and the mise-en-scene of a debate can empower or weaken certain parties. It is interesting that a guy asks Kerry to look through the camera and solemnly answer his question and he does.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Ya're fuckin' fake!

The official language always sucks. What the hell do they mean by "genuine refugees [and] not illegal migrants?" How can one be sure without proceeding their cases whether they really need to be protected or they are there to get some money and then set out for the next country and apply asylum there again? Do the UN's refugee agency examine their teeth or color of eyes or what, to make sure they "genuine"?
One of the funniest things I have seen about the refugee business was the slogan on the Swiss Red Cross website that read "for true persecuted, the boat is never full" that is a revision of the German saying derived from a Nazi slogans!
Isn’t it enough to prove the fucking “genuine” when they put their lives “to the sea on old boats [through] human traffickers [and the] ship sunk off?” It reminds me of Reservoir Dogs where Mr. Pink says, “She wasn’t anything special” and Mr. Blue retorts, “What’s special, take you in the back and suck your dick?”

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Drømde mik en drøm i nat, um silki ok ærlik pæl

I'm working on a new idea for a solo performance based of Ophelia's character. The post on Japanese and Elizabethan costume was actually related to this project. As far as I am concerned so far, it is going to be based on Japanese traditional dance and probably with two kokens and a textual montage of Hamlet, Beowulf, The Constitution Act of Denmark, Bible and fragments of Henrik Nordbrant's poems. The music may be a radical mixture of different traditions as well. I have however an idea to develop a melody on the basis of the 14-note piece of music that is the earliest notation of Danish music found in Skåne. It is an unconnected part of a book on law, known as Codex runicus. The song reads "Drømde mik en drøm i nat, um silki ok ærlik pæl" (I dreamt a dream last night, of silk and fine fur[costly raiment].)

Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Constitutional Act of Denmark, § 11 says "Members of the Royal House may be granted annuities by statute. Such annuities shall not be enjoyed outside the Realm except with the consent of the Folketing."
It was on the news that "Princess Alexandra is to receive her own budget for life from the Danish government following her divorce from Prince Joachim." I just wonder what the word, Realm means here. Note that it is capitalized which to my knowledge mean Denmark. Does that mean that Princess Alexandra cannot use "her" money out of Denmark and Greeland perhaps? Does it mean that she has to live the rest of her life in Denmark? Is Denmark still a "prison?" Poor girl!

Japanese Lady

I was looking for some picture of Elizabethan costumes and found this marvelous page in which one can dress the modle and when you do some wierd combilation it would teaches you how a lady would dress. Try on all the first raw one by one and you will receive this message: "with a high-necked smok and partlet to boot, I shall sweat like a horse... canst thou firts change me to a law-necked smock?"

Lady Jane Grey_Elizabethan Costume

Then I also found this very great website. Check it out!

Friday, October 01, 2004

To respond to my previous post on A-Bomb, my local hero, Jesper e-mailed me the text below:

Fat Man, the A-bomb dropped on Nakazaki

"I wrote an essay at the time I spent at university of Sussex, regarding the memory of the bomb in the US "...surrender from the enemy and a reduction in the loss of Allied lives"
The latter number - reduction of the loss of Allied lives - has been heavily differing. A note in 1944 to the president said that some 55.000 American lives would be saved if the bomb was dropped. In August 1945 - after the bomb - the official numbers had risen to some 100.000 lives.
The debate of the bomb wore of some years, and then exploding in the 80s and 90s. Mr Reagan started by setting the number to 1 million overdone only by Mr. Bush Senior and Clinton (the latter reached a new high; I think it was some 5 million soldiers). No doubt; the 250.000-450.000 deaths in the terrible act had to be legitimized in the era of ethichs. Funny, ethics is beeing legitimized with numbers.

Osama Bin Laden

Here is a short cut to a bunch of information that consists of the media's knowledge on what is being called Al-Qaeda, an organization that Osama Bin Laden has founded on 1979. The question still remains the same does really Al-Qaeda exist, I mean the kind of Al-Qaeda which been subject of all talks about terror in the last three years. Are these people really related and work as an organization that “hates the West” or they are just bunch of individual assholes or maybe not even so. I always wonder if anyone would take the pain to make a research and find out about the amount of knowledge the media use to have about all these people and the so-called Al-Qaeda up to the September 10th 2001.