Saturday, January 08, 2005

Jesper and I have these four ways of communication, that is, e-mail, SMS, phone call and chatting over a beer. So I always receive cool stuff from hin and I always wanted to get them put in orders and somehow publish them. Just yesterday I received four e-mails from him concerning the things I hvae written or asked him about.
For instance he wrote about this Ibsen post of mine:

"There’s something about some of the Nordic writer; there's a cynicism, which probably derives form the dark winter. An the melancholy is - I think - very much a trait to the Nordic people. An American I knew while studying in UK was quite clear about how he perceived the Danes. He knew of two Danes; Kierkegaard and Hamlet. Though the difference of the two characters, they definitely share the melancholy.
Henrik Nordbrandt said of the seasons up North: The year has 16 months: november, december, january, february, march, april, may,jun, july, august, september, oktober, november, november, november, november.
I totally agree. If you ever find a translation of the Danish author Gustav Wied, you'll find more delightful cynicism."

One of the coolest point of refrence Jesper has whenever human beings get too sentimental about some "tragedies" such as Asian Tsunami or the 9/11, is Africa.
"I think these days during the whole spectacle of collecting money for Asia (and once more forgetting Africa; who cares about a bunch of more dead niggers?) people are very much aware of insurance companies, banks and others which is only determined to make money (not so strange) that profit from the disaster."
Yeah, that's right. Africa is "old news." Who gives a fuck. Imagine the breaking news one days, saying "nobody died in Africa today!"


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