Monday, January 31, 2005

This is a lie! We don't do that? Who, me? Noway! "Workmen in Denmark are often required to pay bribes to local civil servants in order to win public contracts."

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Unbelieveable! There is Only one Jew' now in Afghanistan.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I'm sure that the article, What is the Hajj? on the BBC has probably been written by an American Indian Shaman. Otherwise it wouldn't be so full of mistakes and stupid statements.
Registering of youth crime split by ethnic Danish and non ethnic Danish origin. DR News. So what is the next termonology? Indigenous crime vs. alien crime?

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Let the enemy go fuck themselves! "The Pentagon examined the possibility of developing an aphrodisiac bomb that would cause enemy troops to find one another sexually irresistible, newly declassified documents reveal." They're also gonna make "Who? Me?" bomb. Just wonder when they are going to develop "Gimme-a-blow-job bomb" or "Suck-my-dick bomb"? It would also be nice to make a "may-I-please-fuck-your-sister bomb", "Let-me-fuck-your-mama-in-the-ass bomb" or stuff like that. I am getthing interested in warfairs. Sounds fun. Why are people gainst war?
BBC calls this shit "gay bomb." I just wonder what Pope would say about this, or the mullas. Imagine all the beardy soldiers fucking each other in the ass in in the holly town of Karbala. WOW!

Jesper says: "yeah I read about the fantastic research. The hippies (fuck'em) used to say MakeLove Not War. Now it seems that this slogan oughta be modified to Make War, MakeLove."

What would it be like when one's mam is 67 years older than oneself? Just wonder how does it feel? My mam is about 40 years older then me, I guess. Or maybe a little bit less. Or what would it feel like when one's mam is only 10 years older than oneself?
I had a friend who had an uncle 10 years younger then himself and he would take his uncle to the park for a walk!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

"Refugees to be helped home." Does anyone know what "help" mean? "The government’s focus will now be to get refugees in Denmark back to their homelands." Then, what does repatriation mean? IsBertel Haarder a linguist too?

Friday, January 14, 2005

قلاع ِ ایمان

قطعه ی ِ زیر ترجمه ی ِ ترانه ی ِ " قلاع ِ ایمان" ِ راجر واترز در فیلم ِ "وقتی که باد می وزد" است که واترز آن را به همراه ِ گروه ِ موقتی که پس از جدا شدن از پینک فلوید تشکیل داده بود ساخته است. خواندن ِ متن ِ ترجمه برای ِ آن ها که این قطعه را نشنیده اند احتمالا ً چندان لطفی ندارد.
متن هم از لحاظ ِ ادبی اصلا ً مهم نیست. آنچه مهم است دست و پنجه نرم کردن واترز با مضامینی ست که معمولا ً در موسیقی ی ِ راک مورد ِ استفاده قرار نمی گیرد. واترز بدین طریق موسیقی ی ِ راک را به سطحی بسیار جدی ارتقاء داده است .من این متن را محظ ِ تفنن و برای ِ آن ها که انگلیسی نمی دانند ولی به موسیقی ی ِ راجر واترز علاقه دارند ترجمه کرده ام ــ من خودم وقتی انگلیسی بلد نبودم، خوره ی ِ پینک فلوید و واترز بودم و همیشه می خواستم معنای ِ ترانه ها را بدانم.
قلاع ِ ایمان
سروده ی ِ راجر واترز
ترجمه ی ِ وحید عوض زاده__________________________

آه، پسران ِ تنها
در قلعه های ِ ایمان
آه، پسرهای ِ تنها
محبوس ِ قلعه های ِ ایمان ِ خویش
پیغمبر بر بلندی های ِ جولان لم داد و
به شیعیان فرمود:
"این زمین، سرزمین ِ من است."

آه، پسران ِ تنها
و یهوه به پائین ِ دریاچه ی ِ جلیل نگاهی انداخت و گفت:
"دزد! می بینمت.
این زمین، سرزمین ِ من است
و این خاک خاکِ من است
و این هم دار و دسته ام."

آه، پسران ِ تنها
ترسان و لرزان
دنبال ِ قلوه سنگ در باغی
که پس از تاریکی درهایش را به نفرت می بندند.

و پاپ سوار بر خودروی ِ زره پوشش سر رسید،
بر زانو افتاد و بر خاک بوسه زد.
چیزی به لهستانی گفت که من نفهمیدم.
بعدش کسی به کمک پا پیش گذاشت و گفت: "من برایتان ترجمه می کنم
اینست چیزی که عالیجناب فرمودند
"من پیشوا ژزوئید هستم
و این زمین، هم سرزمین ِ عیسا مسیح است
و همینه که هست
و حرفی هم توش نیست.
درود بر مریم ِ مقدس
مادر ِ خدا."

و در نیویورک
تاجری با کت و شلوار ِ موهر
در مرکز تجارت ِ جهانی
پُکی به سیگار ِ برگش زد و گفت:
"عرض شود، واسه من فرق نمی کنه که کی صاحاب ِ ریگ ِ کویره
کار ِ حقیر
با هیدروکربن ِ او زیره."

و دریای ِ نبرد در اطراف ِ قبور ِ کهن خروشیدن گرفت
و مام ِ طبیعت زخم هایش را لیسید.
و پسرها ی ِ تنها، محبوس در قلعه های ِ ایمان
که متشنج بعد از تاریکی در باغ می پلکند...
آه، پسران ِ تنها
در قلعه های ِ ایمان
آه، پسرهای ِ تنها
محبوس ِ قلعه های ِ ایمان ِ خویش.


Thursday, January 13, 2005

"The reading skills of more than half of all second generation immigrants living in the Copenhagen area are so poor that they are unable to complete a course." Says DR News. "According to the report, no other nation has problems of the same scope as Denmark, and it is only in Denmark that second generation immigrants perform less well in school than their parents."

I wonder why Bertel Haarder do not sue the other country in an international court. How dare they having not such problems when Denmark has. Of course it is their problem and not ours. I think Bertel Haarder should be sent to UN in order to convince the other nations to speak Danish. There is no reason why people of all around the world should not speak Danish. I understand Bertel Haarder's feelings, he has the absolute right to pe pissed off with everyone.

By the way, don't you think Bertel Haareder should be the minister of health care too? There are lota of problems there to be solved in there as well. Since he is the most clever man in the world, I think he should.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

"Intelligence officials have confirmed the US has stopped searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq" says BBC. So it is time now to search for the WMD in Iran. When are they going to claime that Sadam has transit the WMDs to Iran?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

"The white powder sent to Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s office yesterday has today been declared free of bacteria or viruses including anthrax by officials at the National Serum Institute" says DR News. Wish I was prime minister too and peopel would send me some "white powder" as well so that I could powder my nose.

Note! If you receive some "white powder" sniff it before Wednesday, becuse a second storn is on the way and it might scatter your "white powder", do you hear me Anders Fogh?
If there is going to be a film made about the G. W. Bush administration, there will be a role for William Defoe in that movie. See, this guy, Michael Chertoff whom Bush has nominated as his next secretary of homeland security looks like William Defoe.
Ignacio Ramonet has written in the January edition of Le Monde Diplomatique and article about the Tsunami. I am not sure whether it is also in the original teks or it is only in the translation that it sound as if Ignacio Ramonet is unhappy that the Western societies are welthy. I mean I get the point that he is pointing out that if the South Asian countries were able to predict and react, as such as the countries like America or Japan are, they the catastrophe would have been smaller. (The English edition is not posted yet unfortunately. Here is the Persian one) He writes:

"اگر چنين دريالرزه اي در اقيانوس آرام رخ داده بود،شمار قربا نيان بسيار کمتر مي شد، زيرا دولتهاي مجاور اين اقيانوس، بنا به ابتکار ٢ قدرت بزرگ يعني ژاپن و آمريکا، سيستم رديابي و اطلاع رساني اي براه انداخته اند که قبل از حرکت «امواج کشنده» ، اهالي سواحل اقيانوس آرام را خبر دار مي کند و از آنها مي خواهد به پناهگاه ها بشتابند. اما تهيه، به راه اندازي و نگهداري از چنين سيستمي قيمتي سرسام آور دارد."

Monday, January 10, 2005

Why this Bertel Haarder just do not announce his leadershipthroughout Europe. Look here: "But the Integration Minister has now decided to interpret the EU rules to mean that the couples do not have the right to be reunited in Denmark if the Danish spouse has not worked in Sweden while living there." What the fuck is wrong with guys. Is he really fucking mad or something? I'm seriously sick and tired of this crap about the immigration and shit which goes all the time on the news. This asshole is the only one we have to read hi sstatement EVERY FUCKING SINGLE DAy on th enews about foreigners.
P.S. I just thought about Mr. Bertel Haarder a bit more and reached this conclusion that his wife probably does not sleep with him and therefore he has time throughout the night-after jerking off-to sit all alone and think of new stupid proposals about the foreigners in Denmark.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Does anyone believe Oliver Stone as to be like he is describe in this paragraph on BBC NEWS?"And in private, Stone's tendency to Alexandrian excess has landed him in trouble over drink and drugs. Another friend, Robert Downey, Jr., himself no stranger to the bacchanal, has said: "A Saturday night with Oliver is basically pagan Rome, 26 AD."
I always though he was a very quite, pasteurized, family-type kind of person. He looks that way.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Jesper and I have these four ways of communication, that is, e-mail, SMS, phone call and chatting over a beer. So I always receive cool stuff from hin and I always wanted to get them put in orders and somehow publish them. Just yesterday I received four e-mails from him concerning the things I hvae written or asked him about.
For instance he wrote about this Ibsen post of mine:

"There’s something about some of the Nordic writer; there's a cynicism, which probably derives form the dark winter. An the melancholy is - I think - very much a trait to the Nordic people. An American I knew while studying in UK was quite clear about how he perceived the Danes. He knew of two Danes; Kierkegaard and Hamlet. Though the difference of the two characters, they definitely share the melancholy.
Henrik Nordbrandt said of the seasons up North: The year has 16 months: november, december, january, february, march, april, may,jun, july, august, september, oktober, november, november, november, november.
I totally agree. If you ever find a translation of the Danish author Gustav Wied, you'll find more delightful cynicism."

One of the coolest point of refrence Jesper has whenever human beings get too sentimental about some "tragedies" such as Asian Tsunami or the 9/11, is Africa.
"I think these days during the whole spectacle of collecting money for Asia (and once more forgetting Africa; who cares about a bunch of more dead niggers?) people are very much aware of insurance companies, banks and others which is only determined to make money (not so strange) that profit from the disaster."
Yeah, that's right. Africa is "old news." Who gives a fuck. Imagine the breaking news one days, saying "nobody died in Africa today!"
The new term "small shops" is being newly used in news. It sure means Kiosk and is sure run by "foreigners". And they sure scrow as much as they can. See this.

You know what? Fuck it! I'm sick and tired of all this shit.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Okay! I thinks that's a good idea to "replace the church tax with a religion tax, to enable Muslims in Denmark to contribute to their own religious communities instead of the Danish national church." I think that makes Bertel Haarder th ehappiest person in DK. Because all Muslims would go home if they had to pay tax! Funny enough it seems that it has been the church which was paying for Muslims. And then Muslims don't pay tax for church of course. I ain't fucking Muslim, yet I don't pay tax for church since they have assumed I guess that I am Muslim because I am from Iran. So there was no church tax in my bill. However even Danes can deny paying tax to church if they want.
Man, the Danish companies are so fucking greedy that you can't fucking believe it. "The banks charge a two kroner fee on each donation made [for Asia Tsunami] using the phone or the Dancard credit card and it is even more costly to use an SMS message to donate money." Says DR News. "Last month, the Danish telecommunications company TDC announced that donations could be made free of charge, after it emerged that the company was making three kroner every time a donation was made over the phone."

My father had a saying for the greedy bastards. He'd say, "the guy fucked his sister and and didn't manage to fuck his mother only because the night was short!" It reminds me of the fucking corporations.
"I believe he [Khomeini] was the first Islamic scientist in the world of Islam who raised the issue of sex change," says Hojatulislam Kariminia "who is so fascinated by the subject that he says he dreams about the transsexuals he has studied at night."

However it is very important and intersting that the very technology of the Internet how has revealed and gave room to the always-hiden life of Iranian society. Although I have been living in Iran for 25 year I can surely say that one hardly could know things that nowadays are known through internet. Subject such s hemosexuality, transexuality, prostitution, druges etc. heve been looked upon totally differently since usage of Internet became so widespread in Iran.
In Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard (1950), Joe Gillis (William Holden) asks Max (Erich von Stroheim) why none of the doors have lock? He says it is for sake of the madam because she might try to kill herself and the doctor said that the door shouldn’t be locked, so that she could always be accessible and helped if needed. And we see all the doors, lacking lock, through Joe’s eyes with a marvelous movement of camera in a long-take.
When Joe and Norma (Gloria Swanson) argue and Norma goes upstairs into her room and shut the door after her, camera approaches the door till it riches a close-up of the hole on the door where there should have been a lock, but there isn’t. We surely know that Norma is going to kill herself.
That’s a hell lot of storytelling in the shortest possible way.
In Ibsen's John Gabriel Borkman, there is a scene where Ella Rentheim-who is about to die- tells John Gabriel Borkman:

"Ella Renthein: It's a diseas there's no help or cure for, you see. The doctors don't know any remedy for it. [...]
Borkman: Oh, but it may take a long time yet, believe me.
Ella Rentheim: It may possibly take the rest of the winter, they told me.
Borkman: Oh well, the winter's pretty long."

I had read this play about ten years ago but then never realized or understood the black humor of this answer. Ibsen has one of the darkest humers ever in here. I think that now that I have been living in the north I can actually graspe this very humor. Because once one lives up here, then one fully understand what pretty long winters means.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Good thing about having no employer is that one will never be "dooced" no matter what one writes on one's weblog.
"An Indian helicopter dropping food and water over the remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands has been attacked by tribesmen using bows and arrows."
Yeah, of course; what the fuck do you expect? Should they have WMD? In that case there wouldn't be no Tsunami needed, for the US would just bomb them anyway.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Check this out. I hope these guys are going to prey in Istedgade in Copemhagen too. It's funny; that's why it never happes in Denmark. We are lost!
وضعیت بلبشوی ِ اجتماعی و سیاسی ی ِ ایران در طول ِ تاریخ چنان جامعه را در اضطراب و آشوب انداخته و نگاه داشته است که امکان ِ هر گونه مطالعه، نقد و بررسی ی ِ بنیادی را حتا از روشنفکران و متفکران سلب کرده و می کند. محض ِ نمونه ما هرگز نتوانستیم از بحران هیجان زده گی و احساسات گرایی در مورد ِ مهم ترین چهره ی ِ سیاسی ی ِ ربع ِ قرن اخیر، روح الله خمینی رها شده و به بررسی و نقد ِ دیدگاه، انگاره های ِ سیاسی و اعتقادی اش بپردازیم. به عنوان ِ مثال ببینید که خمینی در نامه اش خطاب به گورباچف چه نوشته است. بسیاری بی شک براین نامه خواهند خندید. ولی به نظر ِ من ماجرا پیچیده تر از این حرف هاست وقتی می بینیم که پایه های ِ فکری ی ِ این آدم به عنوان ِ مثال بر عقاید ِ "فارابی و بوعلی سینا (رحمت الله علیهما) در حکمت منشا" استوار است. خمینی می نویسد: "دیگر شما را خسته نمی کنم و از کتب عرفا و بخصوص محیی الدین بن عربی نام نمی برم که اگر خواستید از مباحث این بزرگ مرد مطلع گردید، تنی چند از خبرگان تیزهوش خود را که در این گونه مسائل قویا دست دارند، راهی قم گردانید تا پس از چند سالی با توکل به خدا از عمق لطیف باریکتر از موی منازل معرفت آگاه گردند که بدون این سفر آگاهی از آن امکان ندارد."
I always wonder what the directors would say about these so-calles "new version" of their films. I think that compromises of a director on his/her film is a part of the film. So I am kind of OK with that "old censored versions" I guess. Especially that these director's cut versions are normally longer than the old one with no good added to the film. However here comes a Newly Reconstructed Version Battleship.