Friday, September 30, 2005

"Young criminal immigrants should be sent to Russian prisons" says Louise Frevert of Dansk Folkeparti.
Is Russia that bad that they could send peopel there as punishment? I thought it is a punshment itself that I live in Denmark! And what if the "young criminal" is from Russia?
That's not all: "she had compared Muslims to cancer cells and said that young Muslim men believe they have a right to rape Danish women and beat Danish citizen's senseless." DR

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Here we are! DR

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


"The new cultural cannon could be used in the fight against Muslim's with "antediluvian" standards", says the Culture Minister Brian Mikkelsen. DR "He said cultural moral rearmament is the best medicine against spiritual darkness or obscurity."
I think Mr. Mini-ster got a bit confused by the word "canon." I just checked the Nudansk Ordbog and it also defines Kanon: skydvåben, which means firearm (just the same as English.) I just wonder what do the Danish ministers eat that makes them so smart. We should probably ask the Prime Minister to rethink his cabinet's arrangement. For example the minister of the culture could serve very well in the defense ministry or the social minister in the economy ministry with her brilliant "inequality" doctrine.
By the way, now I understand why they want to close the theater, Kanonhallen. I guess Mr. Mini-ster Mikkelsen wants to use Kanon-hallen as the arsenal for his "rearmament."

A question of creation

"Evolution has served effectively as the pseudo-scientific basis of atheism, agnosticism, socialism, fascism, and numerous other false and dangerous philosophies over the past century" said the "scientific creationism", movement's leader, a civil engineer and writer by name of Henry Morris. BBC

No wonder that G. W. Bush supports the idea that the serpent is compelled to crawl on its belly because the Lord punished it for tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden! Otherwise he is the most evident proof that everyone's great-grandpappy was a monkey.

Things you'll never hear

"The United States happens to be an extremely fundamentalist country. It is probably more fundamentalist than Iran" says Noam Chomsky in an interview with Ramin Jahanbegloo. "In fact the elite elements at the time of the [American] revolution were mostly what are called deists, which is basically non-believers. On the other hand the fundamentalist puritan strain was very strong. The puritans who settled here described themselves as the children of Israel who are coming to the promised land to eliminate the Malikites (?) [(sic.) Chomsky must have meant Melkites] and that continues right to the present, so it's a strange country. It's not within the spectrum of industrial societies on matters like this. You don't find these properties in other industrial societies."

It is regretful that Jahanbegloo does not get what Chomsky means by Melkites (or Melchite) and does not emphasize on the point so that Chomsky could explain it more precisely. Chomsky hints on a very old and yet important problem that seems to exist since fifth century (from the Council of Chalcedon at any rate) and sees the conflict in the Middle East as an old enmity against Arabic-speaking Christians.
Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out much about this. That’s why I wish that Jahanbegloo had asked what Chomsky meant.

** Strange enough, I checked the index of the Persian dictionary, Mo'in to see what it has for Melkite.It has an entry: Malakiye ملکیه which refers to two other entries (ملکانه ـ ملکا) which DO NOT exist in the dictionary! Since the origin of the word, Melkite is Arabic and means "royalist" (according to the American Heritage) I assumed it should be spelled ملکیه in Arabic.
I also tried to check out Dehkhoda Dictionary, but the CD did not work in my cmputer, damn it!

A "dull" house!

Last week I went to Betty Nansen Teater to see Nora, a Danish version of Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House. What struck me - and my friend, Jens - before the show began was that almost all the spectators were as old as Ibsen! We were just thinking that "sure these people knew Henrik in person, perhaps when he was a kid!"
No wonder that anywhere I go to talk to people about my Ibsen project they say that they "rather have something modern!" And of course I am having a hard time, explaining that "it couldn’t get more modern that Henrik Ibsen." I just wonder if anyone in Scandinavia has ever read Ibsen. (The director of Nora couldn't seem so.)

Monday, September 26, 2005

"The girl in Slagelse [who was murdered by his brother] paid a high price for being well integrated. She lost her life" said Justice Minister, Lene Espersen
So should we "integrate" or should we not?
The Copenhagen Post's Account.

Friday, September 23, 2005


What do you think Osama Bin-Ladan would call his next daughter? Katerina or maybe Rita? Or simply "Hurrie" that is the short form for hurricane!


""It is an advantage for Denmark that there is not an enormous social and economic divide," said Anders Fogh Rasmussen." DR
This great sentence is a masterpiece of literature. It sounds like famous phrases of Khomeini: "It should not seem to be like that it could not be seeming as if it would be..."
Anders, come on!
پرونده ی ِ جنگ ِ ایران و عراق در BBC
که امکان ِ خوبی ست برای ِ یک نگاه ِ کلی به این مقوله.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ill-fare society

Here comes the social policy of the Social Minister of Denmark "It's okay for inequality to increase, as that creates dynamism in society. We shouldn't be using our energy to fight affluence and to level the differences between the richest and the poorest. Let the rich get richer. I don't see a problem with inequality in and of itself." The Copenhagen Post
It is so bizzare that even Pia Kjærsgaard found it impossible. It reminds me of some Iranian regime's trick that they would sometimes release shocking new to see what the reaction of the society would be. I think the liberals are trying to test the other parties. As the Socialist People's Party said we will see what's gonna happen to this when the parlament is opened.

"The young Liberals are continuing to publicly support the Minister's original statement." DR

Monday, September 19, 2005

Wasn't Pia kjærsgaard the happiest as Angela Merkel got somewhat of a majority in yesterday's German election?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Five year raped in nursery

"A five-year Somali boy was raped at his nursery in Holbæk yesterday. [...] So far, the police have ruled out the possibility that the rapist can be found amongst staff at the nursery." DR
I just wonder if Police did not discovered if there is any "immigrant" in the nursery among the staff!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Immigrants wanted as fishermen

  • "The Danish Fisheries Association would like to see immigrants applying for jobs in the fishing industry." DR

Dear Immigrants! Do NOT apply for this job. These guys are hired by Dansk Folkeparti and are planing to take you into the ocean and feed you to the sharks! Don't trust the mothafuckas!

I Awake in Your Eyes

Private has published a collection of Iranian photographs and poems, titeled I Awake in Your Eyes (that is a line from a poem by Bijan Rohani, my fat & funny friend!) There could be found many good photos of the contemporary phtogapher of todays Iran.
The pther issue of the magazin could be seen here

List of ethnic slurs

Here is a list of words that tightens our brotherhood. Very useful for tourist especially those of metropolitan nature or overglobalized persons: list of ethnic slurs

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

White powder in DK

I don't know why Danes are so obsessed by "white powder." Not only the prime minister receives packs of "white powder" every day and children eat "white powder" when they go for a hike into the wood, but also local scout leaders call the police, saying that the "white powder" is only corn flour that "as part of a midnight run they had placed small bags of corn flour in the woods, as they were playing at being gangsters."
Just wonder where is all the cocaine then?


Me, I can't seem to be going to New York very soon, but if you get the chance, don't forget to get a "Not For Tourists" city guide!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Deadly fire in Egyptian theatre

But why don't they say what was the performance about? BBC