Friday, October 28, 2005

Suicide rate among young Danes rising

"International studies often conclude that Danes are amongst the most satisfied and happy people in the world. However a new report from the National Institute of Public Health has shown that nearly 12 percent of people in the 16-35 age group have considered suicide in the last 12 months and more than 4 percent have attempted suicide at least once in their lifetime."
(Thinking with Danish government's brain) Just cut their social benefits and they wouldn't think of kiling themselves!

Danish companies

"21 Danish companies have been named as having paid kickbacks to authorities in Saddam Hussein's Iraq under the United Nation's now defunct oil-for-food programme." DR
Big fucking surprise. It's so painfull to be fucked in the ass and bear the smiling face of "politically correct" bull shit.

Fascistic Pressure

After the fascistic pressure on the asylum seekers at Sandhom, namely cutting their so-called money, now the "democratic" government of the glorious kingdom of Denmark is bring the same pressure on the citizens:
"Thousands of families risk losing their housing allowances as a result of the government's new integration policy agreed with the Danish People's Party. [...] The consequences could therefore be dire: not only could some couples lose one lot of social benefits but they might be also forced to move." DR
The funny thing is that the government of course is thought to do all this shit presumabely against foreigners. But the fack is that it will effect many Danes as well. I personally know many individuals that would have to leave their hmes according to this proposal, including many students. Are Danes really so fucking blind or is that the richness that has curopted this society to the very bone that noone seem to see what their "elected government" is doing to them. Fuck the foreigners, this goverment and its "double" Dansk Folkeparty are fucking this country in the ass so fucking hard that Danes would have a hard pain in 10-20 years. I'm telling you.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Benefits ceiling has not worked

"The Minister confirms that fewer than 5 percent of the 22,300 benefit recipients have found work. The thinking behind the ceiling idea was that more recipients would quickly find work if their benefits were reduced, but that has clearly not happened." DR
Of course it would fail. What the hell do they expect when the only "value" and measure in this countery is money? Only an idot can think that they can do anything they want to individuals simply by cutting their money.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Electronic patient journals

We live in one of the most developed country, right?
"There are examples of cases where a death could have been avoided if only it had been possible to have common access to the patient's data." DR
I have asked all the doctors why we do not already have this data. It's strange. For example I have alergy to some medecine and I could easily die if a doctor doesn't know that. Thanks Satan we are living in such a small land. What the Danish government would do it Denmark was as big as India!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Illegal immigrants through sports

Play your fucking football and get the fuck back home!
"Last year 125 immigrants vanished from sporting events in Denmark." DR
I just wonder why all this brainy sport guys leave their lovely home lands in the Third World and come to this funcking country!!

Case of five-year-old rape victim remains mystery

"The police have been unable to find any technical evidence in the form of foreign DNA traces on either the child himself, his clothing nor the place where the incident is reputed to have taken place." DR
Just wonder what exactly "foreign DNA" means in here. Have they also looked for "native DNA?" Or it has to be "foreign?"

Sunday, October 23, 2005


"How does something with such monstrous potential acquire such an innocuous name?" BBC
I'm sure it would absolutely interest Derrida to discuss the matter of naming hurricanes!

Robert Lepage & Cirque du Solei

Two years ago, after having seen a documentry about about Robert Lepage on BBC, I convinced Jesper Banzon that we should go to Berlin and see Dragon's Trilogy of Ex Machina, directed by Lepage. It was a five-hours performance and very different from the facinating impression I had gotten on Lepage's work through that documentry on BBC. I read in Dragon's Trilogy's program that Lepage is going to direct a performance with Cirque du soleil. I had seen Cirque du Solei's Quidam in Copenhagen in 2001 and couldn't wait to see what on earth the combination of Robert Lepage and Cirque du Solei may result in.

I had kind of forgotten about this till Lepage came to Copenhagen with his The Anderson Project, an amazing performnace based on biography and writings of Hans Christian Andersen. This time the performance was again very different from what I knew and expected from Lepage. It again made me thing what the hell he might be doing with Cirque du Solei, but again I kind of forgot to follow up.
Few days ago I got an e-mail from a friend of mine with the news that Mr. Robert Lepage is going to be at the Copenhagen International Theater's seminar on December 2005.

I was searching the Internet to see what's up with Lepage and I just remembered that this year was due to see his work with Cirque du Solei.
And I found . Here it is! There are some video clips of the show and they are CRAZY! I can't really wait to see this performance.
Furthermore they have made a DVD called KÀ Extreme: "The documentary explores the journey of a remarkable production by following the show’s evolution from early rehearsals through to its first public performance."
P.S. Here one can find some cool stuff about Lepage.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

35 mm Persia

35 mm Persia A 3-day film festival on the history and archaeology of Iran in film at Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Shit I did not know about it and missed the festival. So bad! I especially missed to meet Mohammad-Reza Aslani.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Serial rapist

It would be called "rape" if you fuck and don't pay in Denmark!
"Using a fake picture of an attractive man on his personal profile, he enticed the women to come to his apartment to have sex with him, promising to pay them handsomely for their active participation. He then raped the women and refused to pay them any money." DR
And quantity effects the quality - contrary to what Carl Marx thought - that is if you get raped once you get 60,000, but if you are raped twice then you get 25% reduction ad are paid only 90,000!
"Each victim received 60,000 Coroners in compensation, apart from one woman who received 90, 000 as she had been raped twice by Knudsen."

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

TDC filters internet child pornography

"Save the Children has collected information about where child pornography can be found on the net, the police have drawn up a list of illegal internet addresses and TDC has blocked the offending web pages." Dr
It means that there are some people, being paid to surf Internet and find the child porn website, right? I just wonder whether it would not turn those guys to the real visitors of the sites.
I can't remember exactly who - it might have been Kieslowski, Márquez or Buñuel - that have written about the spies who have to listen to people’s private conversations on the phone, fancying what would happen to their morality.
On the other hand now other companies can advertise cheaper service of Internet with "full access to child porn!" It's all about competition in the free market, ain't it?
Some Iranian guy may as well start an anti-filtering service for Scandinavia; since Iranians have all became Internet experts, trying to get rid of filtering of the government over the Internet. After all it's gonna be a good business since 10-12,000 people in Norway and 20-30,000 people in Sweden "attempt" to watch child porn in a daily basis. Just wonder how many do so in Denmark? It's great that we have exact number of child-porn-watchers of all the countries but not our own!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

9/11: "like an intuition without concept." Jacques Derrida
It seems that it was less complicated to plan 9/11's attacks than interpreting them through Derrida's mind. It would never happen if Osama bin Laden (or whoever did it) was a deconstructuralist thinker:
"We do not in fact know what we are saying or naming in this way: September 11, le 11 septembre, September 11. The brevity of the appellation (September 11, 9/11) stems not only from an economic or rhetorical necessity. The telegram of this metonymy—a name, a number—points out the unqualifiable by recognizing that we do not recognize or even cognize that we do not yet know how to qualify, that we do not know what we are talking about."

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Burka ban on the horizon

"Integration Minister Rikke Hvilshøj is to investigate the legality of a possible banning of the Muslim Burka." DR
Couple of weeks ago I saw a woman in Cpenhagen dressed in a traditional Arabic nomad cloth,all in black and with her face as well (not quite sure whether it is called Burqa too.) Apart from being a very cool and beautiful cloth or rather costume, I thought to myself whether there is a law in Denmark to prevent citizens to appear in public places with covered face, being a mask or burqa or anything else. It seems that others were thinking about this too!
However apart from the anti-Islam frenzy in Denmark it is a big question whether it could be allowed or not that people can cover their face. What would happen if police stops a woman with burqa and wants to identify her? Would she show her face to the policeman or it has to be a policewoman?

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Bono on Chomsky

Last night I saw John Junkerman's movie, Power and Terror: Noam Chomsky In Our Times, that is a documentary consisting lectures and interviews of Chomsky. It 's a rather interesting movie. But the greatest thing in it, which made me laugh so loud, was a quotation from Bono of U2 on Chomsky: "Rebel without a pause!"

Friday, October 07, 2005


I only have my doubts
To help me believe
That you never doubt
In what you believe


"Muslims are a potential traffic risk!"

"Ramadan dangerous for drivers: Muslims are a potential traffic risk according to the Nutritional Council's president Professor Astrup. During Ramadan, according to the professor, Muslims mental and physical abilities will be diminished because their bodies will not receive enough of the daily-required energy. He warns of the increased risk of lack of concentration when Muslims are driving vehicles. The bus company Connex who has 1,840 drivers, of which many are Muslims, says it has full confidence in its drivers abilities to drive responsibly even during Ramadan." DR

Jesus mothafuckin’ Christ! I guess police should make it mandatory to drink alcohol while driving to make sure the driver is not a fucking Muslim!

"In his book ‘The Imperfect Human’, Leth describes his sexual relationship with the 17-year-old daughter of his Haitian housekeeper, which he describes as ‘his right’ as her master. " Copenhagen Post

Sounds like that Leth has spent so much time out of the glorious kingdom of Denmark that he is acting like "immigrants!" He needs to be integrated.

Copenhagen bomb scare

We are very important; please bomb us. DR
I was at the Central Station last night and it was chaotic since only four tracks were open. Consequently all the trains were late and I lost my local train and had to walk home! Damn it! I know that in the end they gonna just find couple of panties and a dildo in that fucking bag.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

"The rules surrounding parliamentary special leave state that one may be granted leave due to pregnancy, ill health or if the parliament determines itself to suspend a MP." DR
But Louise Frevert badly needs to get leave. So anyone vulonteer to get her pregnant?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

UN to investigate racism in Denmark

UN to investigate racism in Denmark, although the Crown Prosecution Service refuse to take the case to the courts. DR
"Fight for a green and pleasant land for White Danes only." DR

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Monday, October 03, 2005

Too many Danes are chronically sick

"Nearly two million adult Danes are chronically sick according to the National Institute of Public Health." DR It's amazing, it means that two fifth of the poulation are sick! Come on!