Saturday, December 31, 2005

Visits to doctors may cost money

Danes are funny, aren't they? "The opposition Social Democrats want to introduce payments for visiting doctors [...] 'Why should I help pay for a malaria pill for someone who can afford to go on an expensive tropical holiday? When at the same time a visit to the dentist to be treated for paradentosis can cost me 100.000 kr'" says The Social Democratic spokesperson for Health. DR
These are the Social Democrats. Imagine what is like when the right wings open their moth in Denmark!

Foreign News service closes today

"After 25 years Danish Broadcastings public service in foreign languages ends today. Officially the service ends on the 1st of January, but due to no foreign language news being sent during the weekend today's will be the last programme." DR
So it means that I have to find another source to bring the Danish news here on this weblog. I hope they at least keep the archive intact, otherwise all the links to DR in my previous posts would disapear.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Yes to immigrant workers

"Scepticism amongst Danes towards having colleagues of other ethnic backgrounds than Danish is waning." DR
Oh, I'm touched. How comes?!

Danish hospitals are filthy

Aren't we hamered every day with the benefits and advantages we have in Denmark (where immigrants just abuse them?) We pay heavy-ass tax and we get:
"Poor hygiene at Danish hospitals is costing up to 300 lives a year."DR

Friday, December 23, 2005

Secret service is a state within a state

"The Danish Law Society has called the Danish Security Intelligence Service, PET, a state within a state in a statement sent to the Justice Minster today. [...] The Justice Minister Lene Espersen has refuted the criticism and says the restructuring of PET's role is essential in the fight against terror."
But... what terror are they talking about?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Compensation for train delays

I'm gonna make lots of money next year since my train is often late!
"The Transport and Energy Minister, Flemming Hansen, has today announced that from next July train passengers who suffer delays will be able to apply for compensation."

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Danish Test

Haha, gimme a fucking break for fuck sake!
"All foreigners should take a test in their home country on Danish language and culture before they can be considered for so-called family reunification in Denmark."DR
Fucking foreigners don't learn the fucking Danish language even when they are living here. How the fuck are they gonna teach Danish in let say Mozambic?
من در يك اتاق دو متر در دو متر زندگي ميكنم. اندازه ي سلول اوين. هر وقت وارد اتاقم ميشوم، احساس ميكنم به جاي اتاق پالتو پوشيده ام. -- ساعدی
«من نويسنده متوسطي هستم و هيچوقت كار خوب ننوشته ام، ممكن است بعضي ها با من هم عقيده نباشند ولي مدام، هر شب و روز صدها سوژه مغز مرا پر ميكند فعلا شبيه چاه آرتي زني هستم كه هنوز به منبع اصلي نرسيده، اميدوارم چنين شود و يك مرتبه موادي بيرون بريزد.»

Monday, December 12, 2005

Killed sparrow to go on display

This is so funny: "A sparrow which was shot dead for knocking over 23,000 dominoes in the Netherlands is to go on display at Rotterdam's Natural History Museum." BBC
It's like displaying the 9/11 hijackers at the a museum.

International conventions

Eventually the doctrine of the Danish extreme right wings came to it's logical conclusion:
"Pia Kjærsgaard has attacked the international conventions that secure human rights by saying that if they are responsible for Denmark not being able to hinder immigrants coming into the country, then the conventions should either be changed or annulled." DR
That is how it should have happened three years ago when Denmark begain to tighten the immigration laws. The fact is that Denmark cannot pretend as a very humantarian country and at the same time do what it is doing. The only way out of the delema is plain facsism and Dansk Folkeparti is good at it. At least they are clear in their message.

Monday, December 05, 2005

New limitations on immigration

I might soon be deported to, let say Somalia or somwhere because I ain got no "education!"
"government is ready to introduce new limitations on Danish residency permits to uneducated foreigners. Especially Palestinians, Somalis, Iranians and Iraqis will in future find it very hard to gain entry in Demark."