Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Beauty of being a cop

"Copenhagen police are in the midst of a manhunt for a suspected murderer after he escaped from custody while being transported by police. Danni Severin Meisler, 21, managed to open the door of the police car he was being transported in as it waited at a stoplight in the intersections of Ågade and Falkonér Allé in Copenhagen on Friday." The Copenhagen Post
Ha ha ha, th ecops can't catch a guy in the busy street of Copenhagen, then they want to fight terrorism. We do really live in a "safe" country. I wonder, do the cops have driving licence or should we be careful crossing streets when we see a police car? Watch out, they might drive you over!
And what else? They guy has shot someone with an Arabic name, Ben Nejib Attia and "Police have released little information relating to the shooting or a possible motive." Nice, they at least don't call the victim an immigrant or all the other fucking words they have for them. I mean you are only an immigrant when you kill someone, but if you are fucking killed, who gives, we are all brothers, eh?

Monday, March 20, 2006

In DK, rest cannot be upon thee!

Dead or alive you gonna be watched. In order to stop vandalizing graves in cemeteries, the Conservative Party's church affairs spokesperson suggests "video surveillance at entrances could help to keep an eye on who comes and goes at cemeteries. I feel very badly about it, but maybe that is what is needed to stop this." The Copenhagen Post
Imagine Elsinore's cemetery, under the eyes of video surveillance and then there comes the Hamlet's father's ghost and reveals that he has been poisoned by his brother and then Jyllands Posten prints the picture of this dreadful occurrence to teach tolerance to Claudius and Fortinbras burns the Danish flag and embassy in Norway etc. That's cool, ain't it?
P.S. By the way, who is so stupid to waste time on vandalizing gravestones when one could easily "vandalize" alive peopel such as immigrants and so on?

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Religion is as private a matter as masturbation and it should be restricted and prohibited by law of being publicly discussed!

I tried to keep away from this stupid Mohammad cartoon business on this blog, but you see, I just realized that it just has entered in here anyway. I solemnly apologize I’ll never mentioned that shit again (of course you don’t expect me to keep any promis, eh?)
“Fuck it, Dude. Let’s go bowling.”

Friday, March 17, 2006

If you do not consider this text “anti-Semitic”, you’re an asshole!
Two days ago I bought a pummelo from the local supermarket. The price tag said that the pummelo in question was from Israel. I considered it rather a cool idea: purchase of an "Israeli fruit" by a guy from "Islamic Republic of Iran!" So I bought it and eventually decided to eat it today.
The "nationality" of the pummelo, however, made me to contemplate on what Israel might be like by studing an Israeli fruit. The pummelo had certain characteristics that made me to compare it to the country it came from (provided we trust the information on the price tags in the supermarkets.)
In the first glance, pummelo appears to be just a bigger grapefruit in the same manner as a lion might be mistaken as a bigger cat, but the fact it is that "it ain't grapefruit. Be careful what you are fucking with!" Secondly it is very big, so one wouldn't think of buying more than one at a time, yet it won’t leave any room for anything else in your fridge. Then it has a very hard and impregnable skin; so “Keep out!” It took me 10 minutes to get to the eatable part of the fruit. Then when you get there you figure out that pummelo is not a bigger grapefruit but in fact a smaller orange! It’s all about the skin. I mean it taste good, but it is like rewarding a Jew with an ice cream after a hard working day in a concentration camp. It’s really a task-master. What’s more, the compartments of the fruit inside the sphere are very unequal in size. So you might ignore the small parts, just like the minorities in the society.
And comparing what went into your mouth and what went to your garbage bin after you have finishe th efruit, it’s like… its 1 to 10, you know... it's like... you decide yourself what it is like.

O’right isn’t all this enough to get me arrested in Austria?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Hole Beneath the Holiness

This drawing by Michael Bierut which accompanied Slavoj Zizek's article Defenders of the Faith on the New York Times is very interesting. Although being very visual, it has a deep lingual connection to what it is about. I consider the connection more of a phonological than semantic. The title I've given to this post explains it well: The Hole Beneath the Holiness.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Right to Ridicule

"Muslims who are outraged by the Danish cartoons note that in several European countries it is a crime publicly to deny, as the president of Iran has denied, that the Holocaust ever took place. They say that Western concern for free speech is therefore only self-serving hypocrisy, and they have a point. But of course the remedy is not to make the compromise of democratic legitimacy even greater than it already is but to work toward a new understanding of the European Convention on Human Rights that would strike down the Holocaust-denial law and similar laws across Europe for what they are: violations of the freedom of speech that that convention demands." - Ronald Dworkin

Many years ago there was lots of fight over the right of homosexuals. It became natural then and now it is consider one's fundamental right to be homosexual. Many have slightly began to mutter whether it is also a "right" to have sexual "orientations" such as pedophile. I just wonder, how many years is it gonna take till we begin to publicly discuss whether suicide-bombing should be also legislated as some sort of expression? Not that I mind though! :-)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Shinning Like Shit

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with the fucking sun; it's shinning its ass off. I hate the fucking sunshine. It makes the shit more unbearable. I have to use my blanket two cover my window today since I don't have any curtains in my flat. It's supposed to be fucking cloudy in this fucking country. Everything sux!

کشنده گان و کشیده گان

خروس ِ بی محلی ست
نیمه شب را
و ظهر
عربده اش را
پیش از سحر به پایان می برد

هزار غنچه ی ِ برف
بزم ِ تابستان را
به رقص ِ ابلهانه ای
می لولند
و درختان ِ جن زده
سایه هایشان را
به تعقیب ِ باد می فرستند

مشاطه ی ِ لجن است
و طوفان
لکاته ی ِ حیضی
آوار ِ آغوش ِ ابرها

خمیازه ی ِ ساعت و
بهت ِ زمان
روزها و شب ها را
به عبث لاس می زنند
و سکوت
خش خش ِ نا به جایی ست
همیشه را

از چرخ تخت می سازند و
گورکن ها
از آسفالت ِ جاده ها
سگ ِ قبر

ملافه ها همه رنگین اند
و کلافه ها همه غمگین

هر کتابخانه
هزار کتاب ِ هم شکل به امانت می دهد
و هر جنده خانه
هزار مادر بی شکل
که امانت را می برند

دختران آبستن به دنیا می آیند
و کامپیوترها سقط ِ جنین می کنند

چرایی ی ِ هر چرایی
به بی چرایی ی ِ بی چون و چرایی چسبیده
و چُرت ِ پاره ی ِ روزنامه ها
چسب ِ چرندیات ِ هر روزه است

یک روز از خواب می پری
همه ی ِ همسایه هایت
در مقابلت صف کشیده اند
و در می یابی
که تو از صف ِ کشنده گان ِ نفس
رخت بر کشیده ای

و خورشید همچنان عربده می کشد


Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Danish School

I've been in Odense a few days ago to take some photos in a school for some advertising stuff. In one of the classrooms kids were very interested in being photographed. They would come and confidently pose in front of my camera. Some were shy, yet they put the shyness into a pose as well and contributed it to the picture. It was a new experience for me; I never had such comfortable people in front of my camera. They poured the picture with life. I do not exactly know what the reason was for it to happen but could compare it to the situation where a well-skilled film director has to create such a mood at shooting that the actors would genuinely enjoy being photographed and hence fill the picture with life ad send it onto the screen in the final film.
An African-American man drinks out of the "colored only" water fountain at a racially segregated streetcar terminal in the United States in 1939.

"Just being a Negro doesn't qualify you to understand the race situation any more than being sick makes you an expert on medicine." - Dick Gregory

That is equally correct to our situation as immigrants in Denmark and generally in Europe. Especially with the "Mohammad's Cartoon" farce, being recently staged in Denmark, immigrants showed how little they are aware of their true circumstances and their relation with their surroundings and even their own cultural background.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Fuck it; lets go bombing!

It's quite simple and understandable, ain't it? Arabs get bored and therefore become militant, right?
  • "The spectacle in the streets of Riyadh on Wednesday evenings is impressive. There are thousands of listless youths with nowhere to go, in the absence of theatres, cinemas or anywhere to meet females. They are obviously bored, all the more since the internet and satellite television have opened their eyes to international culture. It is hardly surprising that problems of delinquency and drug addiction are rising. At the weekend some seek an outlet in Bahrain, the island kingdom connected to Saudi Arabia by a gigantic bridge; 11 million travellers crossed it in 2004 and the number increases steadily. They go in search of entertainment they cannot find at home.
    Some youths, and not necessarily the most underprivileged, have chosen a more dangerous route. In the 1980s many answered the call to arms in Afghanistan, responding to appeals by their own government and assisted by the United States. Their younger brothers followed, outraged by massacres in Bosnia or Chechnya, and trained in the Taliban camps. Several thousand more are now in Iraq." Le Monde Diplomatique

Thursday, March 09, 2006


My arms grew longer
Yet I can't reach it
My feet grew stronger
Yet I can't walk away from it.
Nor can I die for it
Although I've grown older.
Guess I was born for it
But I can't live it.
No, I can't even leave it.



Like nightmares of a politician in coma
Or breath of a dead baby in the womb of a raped refugee
Curses of cloud and rain
Pours over this town
Every morning

Don't wash your hands in the rain