Thursday, June 29, 2006


In Denmark everyone goes to vacation during the summer, including the sun!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Super Market of Culture

"Middle East cultural festival is on the verge of collapse only one month before its scheduled start" CP
I thinks there is no need to worry, although Politikeen called it a "Katastrofe!" They are going to put something up in the end-some pathetic supper market of culture-and every body would get paid with big Kroner, smile and pretend that they have done a great job. That's the way it always goes. Things just happen in the last minute specially when they are ging to make "culture" in Denmark and since everything, from shaking one's ass to jerking off publicly could be called "art" nowadays, it's gonna be enough to serve the purpose that is to write the chart and the reports in the end of the day, saying what our taxes has been wasted for.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Funny, isn't it?

The newest fad among Danis teenagers is 'train chicken', that is to lie in wait for trains (DSB) and to jump across the tracks just before the train passes. The last one to cross the tracks wins the game, reports The Copenhagen Post They also record video and put it on the Internet, an example of which can be seen here It's very funny, isn't it? And don't worry, no one has died yet; Denmark is a "safe" country. And actually parents shouldn't be too worried about their kids either, sooner or later they're gonna grow up and join the Nazi party (DNSB) and send threatening letter to the immigrants; that's a funnier game, isnt it? Denmark is a "safe" country. (It just sounds alike. Add an N to DSB and it'll make a DNSB!)

Of course some might have a different opinion: 'If it is a letter urging people to leave the country, I can't see anything wrong with that. It isn't illegal to send random people letters. [see picture of the letter below.] Of course, you aren't allowed to threaten them but you are allowed to make a suggestion. Encouraging immigrants to go home is a good and necessary thing,' said Jonni Hansen, Head of Danish Nazi's.
I just wonder what this gentelman's opinion is on the "train Chicken" game!


A sweating swear
my name
a signpost
hanging in the air
your shame.

My lips are too big
for your kiss
and this land,
too small
for your tears.


Monday, June 19, 2006


Helsingør Police Public Announcement!

The two girls seen in the picture below have been missing since last week from the town of Hell-singør, Denmark. They have been seen with an Iranian guy (suspect of having relation to the suicide-bombing branch of the Buddhist/Roman Catholic terrorist organization IPC—International Pollution Camp!) in one of the local pubs two weeks ago. They have been reported drunk!
We kindly request everyone who might know the whereabouts of the two poor souls, to contact us immediately. The reward would be a bar of chocolate and a CD of Joe Satriani.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Used to be a bullet
Later a ballot
Now a piece of plastic
Full of credit.

Do you still shoot
Or just pay
For your blissful slavery?



A gun
A hole
A bullet
And wound, drawn

A man
A vein
A shot
And death, born

Every death is drawn different
And all men, born indifferent.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mind Game

Just saw David Cronenberg’s Spider. It is the story of a mentally distorted man who imagines that his father and his father’s mistress have killed her mother. But we figure out that he is in fact the one who killed his mother. In the beginning of the film Spider (Ralph Fiennes) is released from the jail and he enters a kind of nursing house where he mixes up the landlady with his father’s mistress. From some point on Cronenberg switches the actresses, meaning that Lynn Redgrave who plays the landlady, from some point is replace Miranda Richardson who plays both mother and the [imaginary] mistress and we the audience are quite receptive. The pattern in the movie—which is the embodiment of Spider’s disturbed—mind suggests that Spider has arrived to this house where the old mistress of his father is in charge. The audience is so deeply drawn into Spider’s mind that we do really believe this and even forget that the landlady had been played by another actress just half an hour before in the film. It is a brilliant puzzle, set together in a most miniaturist manner. It drags the audience into a mind game, like a spider web and then suddenly tears the web apart and the audience collapses.

The movie begins very slow and not much tings happening. I should say that I was bored in the first 30-40 minutes of the film. But when one watches the film to the end, one realizes that it actually need that beginning in order to build the entire rhythm of the piece. And the rhythm is fantastic: the camera movement, the acting, the light, the music all in all make a great rhythm. And last, but not least, Ralph Fiennes is superb in this film. I did not like his acting in most of the other movies he played in. He gives me a bad feeling as if he is pouring his emotional expression on me. Although he was very good in The Sunshine, but Spider is the best acting I have seen from Ralph Fiennes.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

From Khomeini to Bush

About 25 years ago Khomeini the leader of the Islamic Rebublic of Iran gave permition for transexual surgery in a traditioal society, in the third world. BBCPersian.
In 2006 G. W. Bush is trying to ban the homsexual marriage in the United States of America, a free country in the modern world! BBC

Friday, June 02, 2006

Lars Ulrich was right!!!

I didn't know that we couldn't get registered at Napster in DK unless I am a "US Military serving overseas!" What are the American solders families complaining about that their children are in danger? They kids are being taken care of!

Shiite Jews!

Don't be surprised if you see G. W. Bush preying in a mosque or if A. Sharon is berried in a Muslim graveyard. Here is a post by an Iranian blogger who lives in Israel which says that he saw fragments of a performance about Imam Hessian (the 3rd Shiite Imam) on Israeli TV!