Goossun Art-illery


advance training

Date & time
14 – 18 May 2012

9:00 am - 6 pm


Dansbyrån Studio Oskargatan 6A, 41463 Göteborg



€105 (950 SEK)

Maria Jeppesen

ELEMENTS OF ACTION (From score to subscore)

workshop for actors & dancers

Goossun Art-illery joins forces with Dansbyrån, Københavns Musikteater, Tjarnarbio/SL and Among the Ants to organize a series of workshops in the Nordic countries. The three upcoming workshops are planned for Copenhagen in October 2011, Göteborg in May 2012 and Reykjavík in August 2012.


Elements of Action (from score to subscore) is an advanced training course for performers (actors and dancers) to devise physical and vocal materials through use of external stimuli’s i.e. objects and create sequences of action. These sequences (scores) will be the basis for improvisation through which the participants will explore and discover the personal and inner aspect of the action (subscore).

The question is how to give life to the movement, how to let voice to fly? In Stanislavski’s words, how “to access the subconscious through the conscious?” In this three-day workshop Vahid, director of Goossun Art-illery shares his experiences and together with participants explores further possibilities.

Practical Information

•All participants must fully memorize a short text, preferably in their mother tongue.

•Participants are asked to bring comfortable training clothing.

•The training involves heavy physical exercises.

•The working language is English but it does not exclude other languages.

•A maximum number of 12 participants are admitted for each workshop.

•The participants should be punctual and attend the workshop full time.

•The workshop lasts for 9 hours a day (from 09:00 to 18:00) including a 90-minutes lunch break.

•There might be an Open Session on the last afternoon of the workshop for a limited number of invited observers. The Open Session is not a “presentation” but rather an opportunity for spectators to observe Goossun Art-illery at work and discuss the work in a Q&A session.

Vahid is Goossun Art-illery’s founder and Artistic Director. He is a theatre director, filmmaker and performer
trainer, commencing his career in Iran as director of an the experimental theatre group interested in research on acting. In 2001, he left Iran for Holstebro, Denmark, where he studied with Eugenio Barba and Odin Teatret. In addition to that Vahid has studied with several masters of Oriental and Western theatre including Akira Matsui (Noh), Augusto Boal (TO) and Augusto Omolú (Orixa).

Goossun Art-illery is an independent culture and arts organization that aims at rendering concrete changes in life by empowering individuals
through aesthetic means, cultural and empirical knowledge. Founded in 1997 in Iran, Goossun Art-illery is today based in Copenhagen and London and works internationally in partnership with various art organizations, groups and individuals throughout the world.